COVID 19 Restrictions

During July and now into August, as the Covid pandemic spread throughout Greater Sydney and nearby LGAs, the NSW Government regulations have been constantly changing in an attempt to control the threat. To this end our Club needs to immediately update its clubhouse check-in requirements.

Historically, being booked in for a competitive round of golf has meant that the club can provide tracking information, via your GA number and club records, should it be required to do so by the government. However that is no longer legally acceptable to gain entry into the clubhouse.

To enter the clubhouse at any time, for any reason, e.g. to use the toilets, to get takeaway food and drink, even just to enter your scorecard, as well as to sit down and have a drink and a bite to eat, you must use the QR code to sign in. Failure to do so carries a $1,000 fine for the individual and a maximum fine of up to $55,000 for the club for allowing such a breach of orders made under the Public Health Act 2010.

If you do not have a phone capable of using the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-In QR Code, then you must sign in using the form (“Record of Visitors at Premises”) at the Covid Marshalls’ table.

Similarly, you must properly wear a suitable mask when entering the clubhouse, at any time, and continue to always wear it, unless you are sitting down to eat or drink. Failure to do so may result in a $500 fine for you and another one for the Club.

These are NSW Government requirements, not the Club’s but we are required to ensure their adherence and hence it is mandatory that all members and visitors comply.

If you used the QR code, or the “Visitors” form to sign in before you commenced your round of golf that is sufficient to enter the clubhouse. Please ensure you show the Covid Marshall (if one present*) the green tick or indicate where on the form you had completed, to signify you have complied. So make sure you carry your phone when you enter the clubhouse.

When you QR Code sign in at the Covid Marshall’s table, please show the Covid Marshall (if one present*) the green tick signifying that it has been registered.

Please assist our Covid Marshall volunteers with this requirement. Signing in for a quick dash in and out of the club may seem a ridiculous obligation, but that short time may be enough to pick up the virus or bring it into the club, and the authorities will not be able to track you quickly and prevent the potential spread.

*On the subject of keeping the club safe in these trying times I have had just six regular volunteers for Covid Marshall duties. This is why there are times when there is no one on duty. I just do not have anyone available for those times. There are more volunteers digging out the Parramatta grass! If there is anyone else willing to help as a Covid Marshall, please let me know. Stay safe!

John Clawley Honorary Secretary 4 August 2021