Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 28 April 2021

Attendance: Rob Russell, Marilyn Schott, Greg Montgomery , Rob Willdig, Connie Parrish, Phil Behan, Alan Davies, John Clawley, Greg Collins, Colin Parrish, Mark Henning, Noel Kesby, Charlie & Irene Swyer, Kevin Huckel, David Cawthorn, David Lamb, Ian Asbury, John Ditton, Cec Montgomery, Ed Szczepanowski, Peter McFadden, Steve Hancock, John Cummins, Ed Stauber, Geoff Collins, Bob Bishop, Christine Russell, Ron Thomas.

Apologies: D Brawn, Jo Webber, Peta Griffin.
Visitor: David Murphy ( Booth & Co Accountants)

Seating arrangements were limited with booking imperative, and all seating was laid out to keep 1.5m metre social distancing.

President Rob Russell opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

Before the meeting formally started, Rob Russell asked everyone to stand and reflect in silence giving thought to the sad recent passing of member and great stalwart of the club Colin Waller who will be sadly missed at the Club and in the Shoalhaven business community in general.

All attendees had been provided with a brochure covering the presentation content. Rob Russell presented his report using the content of the brochure as the basis for his talk using a projected power point presentation. The activities of 2020 and the plans for 2021 were the highlights of the presentation with a huge thank you to the volunteer base of the Club, without whom the club could not function. There were special thanks to various individuals within the Club for their hard work.

Marilyn Schott our Treasurer took to the floor and ran through her report on 2020. Marilyn spoke about the financial results of 2020 which she felt were excellent given the struggle with Covid. Government assistance had helped, early on, with Jobkeeper and PAYG rebates. Lack of access to the club for members until early October 2020 had affected bar and food sales, but overall, the figures showed improved cash holdings for the Club. Marilyn explained where particular expenditure had occurred throughout the year on the course and in the Clubhouse. Marilyn thanked a number of people who had helped her throughout 2020 and pointed out that we were now a 1 million dollar turnover club, which is quite a growth and makes the Club a serious business.

Rob Russell returned to the floor and explained the changes to Directors and why there was no need for voting.

Alan Davies, Robert Willdig, Connie Parrish and John Clawley had resigned.

John Clawley had been nominated for Honorary Club Secretary, and as the sole nominee, was duly appointed. Alan Davies will continue to deal with Club Memberships and assist with WHS matters in a non-Board capacity.

John Ditton, Ed Stauber and Peter McFadden had all been nominated to fill the Board vacancies and they all bring long careers in business management to the Board and were duly appointed. All 3 were asked to stand so all attendees would be aware of who all 3 were.

Rob Russell asked David Cawthorn to address the meeting in relation to proposing David Lamb becoming an Honorary Life Member of the club. The proposal had been seconded by Ian King who unfortunately was unable to attend the meeting. David Cawthorn gave everyone a brief history of David Lamb’s work at the club and given David Lamb was member number 1 showed he had been there from day one. It was put to the floor the proposal be accepted and asked for the floor to accept the nomination. There was a unanimous acceptance by all present. David Lamb was now, therefore, an Honorary Life Member of Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club he had helped set up in 1981, followed by years of initial efforts through to the club becoming an18 hole golf club in 2012.

Rob Russell asked were there any questions from the floor.

• John Cummins raised his concerns about the condition of some of the bunkers during play now that the rakes have been returned to use. Rob Russell suggested the Club Captain might address the matter of raking bunkers in his next Club Captain’s report.

• Bob Bishop asked was the introduction of the new sand in the bunkers to continue on a regular basis and Rob Russell confirmed that was the plan.

Rob Russell thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.

Minutes by Honorary Secretary

Meeting was closed at 8.20 pm