Hello everyone, well we’ve all waited for this day to arrive and The Board is pleased to confirm we will open the clubhouse this Saturday 3rd October 2020.

In order for this to continue we still require more members to volunteer to help, if you are able to assist then can you email Rob Russell on or call him on 0427318079 ………… thank you.

However, due to COVID 19, there are rules we have to follow to keep us all safe and also avoid penalties to your Club for us getting things wrong.

Here is a list of what you will be asked to do and understand in order to use the club bar and food facilities.

There will be a Covid Marshall on a daily basis as we currently do. You must follow the instructions as they are part of our approved opening rules.

Do NOT attend the club for any reason if you feel unwell and please attend the nearest Covid testing clinic in your residential area. This is the advice from NSW HEALTH.

We have set up the internal area of the clubhouse for 32 patrons. You MUST stay seated other than to collect your drink from the bar or collect food from the cafe area. Please use PAYWAVE wherever possible to avoid handling of cash.

Do NOT mingle around the bar area or food area, obtain your personal drink or food then be seated.

Restrict your time at the tables to no more than an hour as fellow golfers will want to use the facility and allows time to clean down the tables/chairs to allow another group to use the room.

Do NOT move any of the chairs and or tables from the position set out in the club.

When not sat at the table ensure you social distance 1.5 metres.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided on entry to the club and when leaving.

Access the club from the entrance adjacent to the pro shop at all times, you CANNOT use the rear doors for access.

If you wish to use the balcony please access via the rear corner door as indicated by the Covid Marshall of the day. The aluminium fire door is NOT to be used.

Regarding food, DO NOT share whatever you have purchased.

We know there are a lot of do’s and don’ts but please understand we have to follow these rules in order to remain open and also remain Covid Safe Club approved by NSW Government.