Relaxation of COVID-19 Golf Measures

Some of the COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed on 23 May 2020 as follows:
• You will be allowed to play in groups of four.
• Visitors from other clubs will be permitted to play in all competitions except for Saturdays (the Saturday competition will remain members only).
• The course will be open five days each week (Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu and Sat).
• Competition will be played on all five days followed by social play.
• Visitors and non-members may play social golf providing they are booked in a group with a playing member of our club.
• The club has golf memberships available at $450 playing member and $550 gold member (reduced commensurate with the remainder of this calendar year).
• New members will not be allowed to book a tee time on Saturdays until 7 days prior to the day (existing members are allowed 14 days prior to the day).