Sunday Fun-day Competion

Sunday Fun-day Competition

The Heads Sunday Fun-day Competitions will continue throughout September. The fixtures for September are:
Sunday 15th September; Bisque Par
Sunday 22nd September; 2 Person Ambrose
Sunday 29th September; International Stableford

Bisque Par - This event is a variation of Individual Par. Each player allocates their handicap hole-by-hole as they like, until they have used their full handicap. You may allocate your handicap before or after playing each hole and record your allocation on the score card. The game is played as an Individual Par competition, and scored in the same fashion (+, 0, -).

2 Person Ambrose – Both players tee off on each hole. The Captain then selects the best drive which is played by its owner. The other member retrieves their ball, drops it within one club-length of the selected position and plays their second shot. This procedure of selecting the best position continues until a ball is holed. When on the green, balls are placed on the selected spot. Your team handicap is ¼ of your combined aggregate stroke handicap.

International Stableford - This event is played the same as a Stableford except for the scoring. You score as follows:
• nett par, 0 points;
• nett birdie, 2 points;
• nett eagle, 5 points;
• nett albatross or better, 8 points;
• nett bogey, minus 1 point; and
• anything worse than a nett bogey, minus 3 points.