2019 NSW Ambrose Championship Qualifier - Medley 2 Person Ambrose

2 Person NSW Ambrose Qualifier - Medley 2 Person Ambrose

This fun event will be held at The Heads Golf Club on Sunday 11 August 2019. Tee times are available from 9am - 11am. The championship is open to men, women and mixed pairs.

The championship fees are $25.00 per person which includes lunch.

Each pair must have a minimum combined daily handicap of 8 (eg. if one player’s daily handicap is 4 and the second players daily handicap is 2 - they cannot play together because their combined of 6 is less than 8).

The difference between each player’s daily handicap is limited to 20 strokes (eg. If the lowest daily handicap is 5, their partner must play off no more than a daily handicap of 25). Note that a player with a higher handicap, say 30 strokes, may play off a handicap of 25 in the above example.

Each playing pair’s Ambrose handicap will be ¼ of their combined daily handicap (eg. 5 and 25 in the above example will have a combined Ambrose handicap of 7.5).

Each player must use and record a minimum of 6 tee shots during a round.