Heads Hotel Summer Teams competition

The Grand Final of the Heads Hotel Summer Teams competition was held on Sunday 31 March 2019. The event received significant interest again this season with approximately 2,700 rounds of golf played over 18 weeks.

Division One Champions
Dimpled Balls are the Division One champions with a score of 291. The Dimpled Balls team members comprise David Lamb, David Cawthorn, Amanda McFeeters, Garry Hoare, Pat Herrick, John Rosenburg, Col and Connie Parrish. Longies Larrikins took out runner up prize with 288 points, followed by Mans No Camel on 277 points. Seven Mile Building won the Minor Premiership.

Division Two
Heads Hunters are the Division Two winners with a score of 287. The Heads Hunters team members comprise Burlo and Matty Vout, Glen Flanno, Scotty Hinkley, Barney Kingdom, Franko, Adrew Turner and Col Walsh. Dickie Knee took out the runner up prize with 287 points.

Division Three
Lawsos Mob are the Division Three winners. The Lawsos Mob team members comprise John Bramley, Jeff Barns, Chad Casinelli, Brett Herron, Tony Langley, Brett Lawson, Chris and AJ Robbo.

Final Day
The Final played on 31 March was won by SHHH with a score of 99 points. The SHHH team comprise Jim and Leonie Butt, Col Waller, Robbie Chapman, John Gilchrist, John Cheadle, John and Marilyn Schott. John Cheadle also took out player of the Final with a cracking score of 26 points.