Some of the COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed on 23 May 2020 as follows:
• You will be allowed to play in groups of four.
• Visitors from other clubs will be permitted to play in all competitions except for Saturdays (the Saturday competition will remain members only).
• The course will be open five days each week (Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu and Sat).
• Competition will be played on all five days followed by social play.
• Visitors and non-members may play social golf providing they are booked in a group with a playing member of our club.
• The club has golf memberships available at $450 playing member and $550 gold member (reduced commensurate with the remainder of this calendar year).
• New members will not be allowed to book a tee time on Saturdays until 7 days prior to the day (existing members are allowed 14 days prior to the day).

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Unfortunately, Birdies by the Sea has closed until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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We sampled Birdies by the Sea take home dinner which we enjoyed with a delightful red wine last night. We chose two entrees, Cheesy Potato Cake and Couscous Stuffed Capsicum plus two main dishes, Potato & Pork Sausage Casserole and Vegetarian Enchiladas. The meals were delicious and we will definitely come back again.

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Brighten up your day by ordering a delicious take home meal from Birdies by the Sea.

Due to the difficulty of trying to stay afloat in this uncertain time, and understanding the lament of people not wanting to cook every night, Birdies by the Sea is now offering take home dinners on a pre-order basis four nights per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday).

These meals are mostly slow cooked dishes with natural ingredients, no preservatives and no additives. You only need to re-heat & eat. The menu above will change each fortnight.

If you require modified or special dietary requirements, please come in and see Louise Collings.

You may order by e-mail: or in person at the club. Orders are required two days in advance. Please note that Birdies by the Sea is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday each week. Please collect your order between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

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Members of Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club

Due to the ever-changing circumstances, our newsletters regarding Coronavirus guidelines to members will be updated on daily/weekly basis dependent on the urgency of the changes

On Wednesday morning we received another email from GOLF NSW with their most recent amended guidelines. We held an emergency Board discussion via email late yesterday and the following matters were agreed upon.

These measures are applicable as of Saturday 4th April 2020

  1. The course will only be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.The course will be closed to all golfers including our members on Mondays, Fridays & Sundays.

  2. We will recommence competition golf commencing this coming Saturday for members only. This is so that we have control of players’ names on the course on any given day so that if there was a member diagnosed with Corona Virus we will be able to advise the Health Authorities who was at the Club when that person was playing. Let’s hope that NEVER happens.

  3. The groups will be comprised of 2 golfers in order to comply with legislation from the Federal Government. The Competition Fee on all 4 days will be $16 per round.

  4. The Pro Shop is in the process of developing time sheets so that you can book online. Hopefully this facility will be available later today. Please try and avoid contacting the Pro shop unless it is absolutely necessary. As you might imagine they have getting bombarded with phone calls every day for the last fortnight.

  5. For those who want to play socially on these four days you can do so at the completion of the competition. You must book in via the Pro shop should you wish to play socially, not simply turn up. If you do play socially please ensure you enter your names on the daily sheet provided and you must play in groups of 2 ONLY. This is essential! Please take serious note as these rules are now being policed and there are heavy fines for those caught flouting the government guidelines. The Club WILL NOT be held liable if you are caught on the course playing as a 3 or 4 and indeed if you do not keep your 2m distance from your fellow golfer.

  6. The Pro Shop will be open whilst golf competition operations are allowed to continue BUT you must use the external steps now provided and avoid entering the Pro shop. If you need to talk to the shop about equipment, then talk to Greg or Peta via the window access and make particular arrangements with him or her. You can buy balls, drinks and small items via that window access. PLEASE USE PAY WAVE to avoid the handling of cash.

  7. Current guidelines indicate that over 70’s should stay indoors. We are not disregarding this advice, but we believe this is your personal decision whether you play or not.

  8. At the completion of your round of golf please put your score cards in the box located on the veranda leading into the Pro shop and then leave the golf course and head home safely. Do not congregate outside the Clubhouse as this intervenes the social distancing requirements as outlined by the Government.

  9. Food will be available, but it will be on a takeaway basis only. Where possible can you pre-order prior to hitting off. If ordering after 9 hoes or at the completion of your round go to the Café counter and request what you need, and you will be told if she can provide that for you. There will be a restricted availability with no plates/cutlery. Having ordered you must leave the Club and wait outside to be advised when your food is ready. Demand will see how often or long this service can continue.


Golfing members have been given the new on course local rules, please use them. In particular take note of the following:


Follow our rules and maybe we can stay open longer. If we find members continually ignoring our rules, we may have to close the club all together. We are doing our best to keep track of day to day changes.


Please feel free to email the Hon Sec on to ask any questions or express any concerns.

PLEASE DO NOT USE This is a Pro Shop ONLY email address

Board of Directors 2nd April 2020

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Please refer to latest update on 2 Apr above.

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A few changes have been made to the medley (women and men) Charity Day which is programmed for Tuesday 31 March. The changes are required to satisfy the club’s COVID 19 protection measures. Please note that while the COVID 19 protection measures are in place, we can not hold shot gun starts and must restrict the numbers gathering in the club house.

Therefore, we will not be charging the Charity Day fee and lunch. The game will be played as a 4 Person team event as advertised and the normal weekly competition fees will apply. You may either purchase your lunch (sandwiches and salads will be available) or bring your own.

Each group of players will be allocated a separate tee time. The tee times will be allocated and published in the club’s website app on Tuesday 24 March. Please call the Pro-shop if you need to change or cancel your allocated tee time.

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Further to the COVID 19 preventative measures which the golf club sent to all members on Sunday 15 March, please follow the additional preventative measures below which come into effect immediately at Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club.

• If you have returned or been in close contact with someone who has returned from any country outside of Australia since 15 March, including those on a cruise, you cannot attend the Club (the Club being inclusive of the entire site and property boundaries of Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club e.g. practice facilities etc) until you have self-isolated for a 14 day period.

• Additionally, in the 14 days prior to the 15th March, if you have returned from either a government identified high risk country (Mainland China, Iran, Italy, Republic of Korea) or moderate risk country (Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand) you cannot attend the Club (the Club being inclusive of the entire site and property boundaries of Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club e.g. practice facilities etc) until you have self-isolated for a 14 day period.

• Please use Credit or Debit Cards via Pay Wave rather than cash whenever possible. The club may need to discontinue the use of cash at the Bar, Pro Shop and Café.

• Regular weekly golf and Clubhouse usage will continue as per normal given that our indoor gathering sizes after normal competitions, including Saturdays are always less than 100 people.

• Upcoming events which are conducted or hosted by the Club (member and non-member events) that typically attract more than 100 people will be reviewed and either revised to conform with government advice for limitng indoor gatherings to 100 or they will be cancelled. When an event is cancelled, members will be advised via our e-mail and website.

• Our catering and bar staff where possible will be practicing the methods of social distancing.

• All sun creams, salt & pepper shakers, and sugar dispensers will be removed from the Club until further notice. Members are encouraged to bring their own personal care products. Sugar sachet and salt and pepper may be requested by members and visitors if required.

• An increased number of hand sanitiser dispensers will be provided, and members are encouraged to use them.

• Frequently touched surfaces will be sanitised more regularly by our staff, this includes counter surfaces, tables, scorecard return bench, touch screens and motorised carts.

• Regularly accessed doors within the Club will be left ajar.

• Bar tables have been spread out further to encourage separation in the clubhouse.

Except for the COVID 19 preventative measures, the golf club is operating as normal. We encourage members and visitors attending Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club to minimise close person-to-person contact where possible and to exhibit an increased awareness of personal hygiene as has been encouraged by State and Federal health departments.

The Board considers the above measures to be both a sensible and relevant approach in protecting our members (a portion of which are elderly and at risk), guests, staff and contractors that frequent the Club, and generally “doing our bit” to minimise COVID-19’s spread. We will continue to be guided by the advice which is issued by State and Federal governments.

The Club’s policy will continue to be reviewed and changes made regularly to adapt. Changes will continue to be communicated to the Club’s membership via website post and e-news in addition to hard copy notices around the Club.

Please contact the Honorary Secretary, Alan Davies at the Club or via email at if you have any queries.

For further information, please visit the attached link:

The Board of Directors

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B Pennant is postponed until further notice due to COVID 19. Note that the women’s Pennant competition has been cancelled because of COVID 19.

The B Pennant team which was to play the semi final against Links Shell Cove next Sunday at Links Shell Cove has been cancelled. The Shoalhaven Heads team is:
* Graeme Leonard
* Phil Russo
* Ray Gonella
* Nic Hall
* Garry Hoare

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Friday night dinner at Birdies by the Sea has been cancelled from now until further notice.

Contact Louise Collings on 0466 049 650 for further information.

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