• Men Par 4 | 287m | 12
  • Women Par 4 | 273m | 12

A short par 4 that has risk and reward available, the longer hitters can have a shot at the green however 3 bunkers and a penalty area all the way down the right await a miss hit. The alternative is to lay up short of the fairway bunkers which leaves a mid iron to a difficult green with a ridge running through the middle of it.

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  • Men Par 3 | 154m | 14
  • Women Par 3 | 141m | 16

A great par 3 that has some demons not visible from the tee, a very undulating green with savage drop offs at the front left hand side and over the back, Bunkers also protect the right hand side of the green. Middle of the green and two putts should always be the plan.

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  • Men Par 4 | 361m | 6
  • Women Par 4 | 346m | 2

This hole has recently been lengthened to 361 metres. A good drive will leave you with a mid iron shot to the green, a large collection area will grab anything to the right of the green. The green is also quite long with plenty of break, try and finish below the hole.

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  • Men Par 4 | 364m | 2
  • Women Par 4 | 328m | 4

A strong par 4 which into the prevailing north east winds provides a stern test. A drive up the left side will give you the best angle to the green which slopes from front to back with a nasty bunker protecting it short right and two grass bunkers left of the green. There is also a penalty area short and left of the green. The safest place on the green is towards the back where it widens and flattens.

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  • Men Par 5 | 440m | 10
  • Women Par 5 | 383m | 8

A solid par 5 with OOB guarding the length of the hole on the right. Missing the many fairway traps off the tee is a must. The longer hitters can have a go at the green but watch for the bunkers either side of the green and penalty area short left of the green. Shorter hitters should aim to be around 100 metres from the green which will give a good look down the putting surface. An accurate distance to the flag is important as this green is very long.

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  • Men Par 3 | 114m | 18
  • Women Par 3 | 110m | 18

This hole is brand new and a great test for a short par 3, measuring just 114 metres. The green is also much smaller than normal for this course but built up which leaves a tricky up and down if you miss the putting surface. If you miss the green long expect to make a bogey at best if you don’t go out of bounds.

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  • Men Par 4 | 326m | 16
  • Women Par 4 | 310m | 14

A shortish slight dog leg right par 4, two bunkers about 100m from the green await the long hitters. OOB the length of the hole on the right is there as well. The green is protected by bunkers left and right of the green. A wedge in for the longer hitters or a good chip and run down the slope for the shorter hitters will give you a great chance of scoring well on this hole.

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  • Men Par 3 | 189m | 8
  • Women Par 3 | 162m | 10

A strong par 3 from the back especially into a westerly wind. Once again OOB runs the length of the hole on the right. This is the only hole on the course without a bunker however the green sits on top of a hill and is fairly shallow. Any shot short or long will run down a steep slope. Do not be long on this hole.

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  • Men Par 5 | 457m | 4
  • Women Par 5 | 383m | 6

A great par 5. An environmental penalty area protects the right hand side all the way along the hole. Fairway bunkers protect either side of the fairway for the tee shot and the fairway narrows considerably about the 250m mark. From here the fairway undulates considerably making it hard to get a flat lie. A deep fairway trap about 80m out needs to be avoided and the green appears to have a false front. A bunker protects the right of the green. This is certainly a risk and reward hole with many more double bogeys to be recorded than birdies if you are not precise.

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  • Men Par 3 | 199m | 9
  • Women Par 4 | 199m | 17

A strong par 3 (4 for the ladies) with a bunker in the front right hand corner of the green which will catch any ball that doesn’t have the legs to carry on to the green. The way to play the hole is to aim at the left side of the green and let the contours help you.

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  • Men Par 3 | 125m | 17
  • Women Par 3 | 125m | 13

A shortish par 3 with OOB over the back. The green has severe undulations with the best leave being towards the back on the right hand side. From this point you will have the easiest putt on a very difficult green. The putting surface is also surrounded by four deep bunkers which will test your skills if you find them.

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  • Men Par 4 | 280m | 15
  • Women Par 4 | 280m | 15

A great risk and reward par 4. OOB guards the length of the hole on the right. A strategic bunker invisible from the tee about 130 m from the green in the middle of the fairway is right on many club members driving distance. The huge putting surface is guarded either side by bunkers and has three large tiers on it. Ensure your second shot is on the right tier and you will score well. The wrong levels often means 3 or more putts.


  • Men Par 5 | 518m | 1
  • Women Par 5 | 468m | 1

Arguably the toughest hole on the course. This par 5 plays straight into the North East Sea breeze in Summer and often a tough left to right crosswind at other times which makes it a brute. The length of the hole again has OOB on the right. A number of strategic fairway bunkers are in play. The second shot for the big hitters is the key with a penalty area coming into play from about 200m all the way down to the green on the left and bunkers front right and middle left of the green. For many a lay up is the best option. Club members are glad to put two points on their card here and move to the next tee.

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  • Men Par 4 | 254m | 13
  • Women Par 4 | 249m | 9

Another fantastic short par 4. Reachable by most A graders, some with a fairway wood, this hole offers the chance of a birdie or eagle. The long skinny green with slopes that feed into well placed bunkers on the left offer good protection to the relatively short length of the hole. A sensible person would play this hole with an iron short of the fairway bunkers and a wedge to the green.

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  • Men Par 3 | 166m | 7
  • Women Par 3 | 149m | 11

A strong par 3 especially into the North East winds. A penalty area guards the left side of the hole. The slightly elevated green is protected by a deep bunker on the right and a grass bunker left. If you miss this green left or right you will have a difficult chip. If you do miss the green it is best to be short.

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  • Men Par 4 | 410m | 3
  • Women Par 4 | 316m | 7

The longest par 4 on the course and again it plays into the North East Sea breeze. A good long drive is needed and an approach to the left centre of the green will feed towards the centre steering clear of the left greenside and front right traps. Most are happy with a bogey on this hole.

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  • Men Par 5 | 426m | 11
  • Women Par 5 | 386m | 5

This hole is a relatively short dogleg right par 5 that often plays downwind in Summer. An Environmental penalty area guards the right hand side of the hole all the way to the green. For the longer hitters the putting surface is well within reach for 2 however a blind shot and a green surrounded by bunkers is the risk you take. Be careful you don’t aim at the 15th green as this is in view through the corner of the dogleg. For the shorter hitters a second shot to the top tier around 100m from the green will give you a great view of the green for you third.

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  • Men Par 5 | 460m | 5
  • Women Par 5 | 444m | 3

A medium length par 5 with an Environmental Penalty Area followed by OOB all the way up the right. This hole is all about the tee shot as the hitting area widens as you get further up the fairway. The Green is a massive 56 m in length so club selection on approach is critical. Green side bunkers protect the large green as does the elephant buried in the middle. 3 and 4 putts are not uncommon on this green.

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